The EcoShot™ plugin for VStitcher makes it possible to showcase your 3D garments on professional models.

EcoShot removes the need for time-consuming collaging and photoshop work. It helps designers and their teams to get a quick sense of what their designs will look like when worn by their target consumers

The images generated with EcoShot provide more natural and inspirational looking designs compared to the garments shown on avatars alone.

EcoShot Intro

EcoShot Intro is the free-to-use version of EcoShot, available to all VStitcher users. To find out more details and how to install, please see our EcoShot Intro Overview.

EcoShot Paid Packages

The full-feature EcoShot product has over 30 models of different sizes, ethnicities, and ages offering more than 230 poses. The paid EcoShot image packages make it possible to create images using the complete model pose library, add shoe options and get higher resolution images.

Please find the latest pricing information and purchase options here.

If you have already purchased a paid package, please find additional documentation here.

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