Welcome to EcoShot Intro, the free-to-use version of EcoShot, now with:

For full EcoShot installation instructions, please read the Getting Started with EcoShot Intro documentation. Or jump right in by registering here!

EcoShot Intro is a software plugin with a selection of models from EcoShot's full library of models and poses. Not only do you have access to unlimited previews, but also 5 free, hi-res EcoShot Image credits.

EcoShot Intro gives VStitcher users an introduction to the 3D garment-on-model photography creation capability that can be enjoyed using EcoShot, the full-feature product. Users will be able to dress, style, and create photos of models wearing 3D garments directly on their computers, via the VStitcher interface.

From the EcoShot model library, all 26 models (15 females, 7 males, two girls, and two boys) have been add to EcoShot Intro, with the following poses:

EcoShot Anna

Poses: contrapposto-01; walk-reverse-01

EcoShot Bea

Poses: contrapposto-01; stand-01; contrapposto-reverse-01

EcoShot Cora

Poses: A-01; A-reverse-01; arm-behind-01; stand-left-01

EcoShot Dahlia

Poses: arms-behind-01; A-01; stand-reverse-01; A-02

EcoShot Eve

Poses: walk-01; A-01; arms-behind-01; jump-right-01; stand-left-01; walk-right-01

EcoShot Faye

Poses: A-01; A-02; stand-01; stand-reverse-01; stand-reverse-02; stand-right-01

EcoShot Gwen

Poses: stand-01; A-01; contrapposto-01; stand-02; stand-left-01; stand-reverse-01

EcoShot Hope

Poses: A-01; A-02; stand-01; stand-reverse-01

EcoShot Ivy

Poses: A-01; A-02; stand-01; stand-reverse-01; stand-reverse-02; stand-right-02

EcoShot Joanna (Maternity)

Pose: arms-behind-01; walk-reverse-01; walk-right-01

EcoShot Lena

Poses: A-01; contrapposto-01; walk-reverse-01

EcoShot May

Poses: contrapposto-01; A-01; walk-right-01; stand-reverse-01; arms-up-01

EcoShot Nina

Poses: stand-01; walk-reverse-01; A-01; arm-behind-right-01

EcoShot Olivia

Poses: A-01; walk-01; walk-reverse-01

EcoShot Queenie

Poses: stand-01; stand-reverse-01; arms-behind-right-01; contrapposto-left-01

EcoShot Aaron

Poses: walk-01; stand-01; walk-reverse-01; stand-right-01; walk-right-01; arms-behind-01

EcoShot Ben

Poses: contrapposto-01; stand-right-01; walk-reverse-01

EcoShot Carl

Poses: arms-behind-01; stand-reverse-01; stand-right-01

EcoShot Dario

Poses: stand-01; A-01; A-02; stand-02; stand-reverse-01

EcoShot Elliot

Poses: stand-01; stand-reverse-01; A-01; walk-01

EcoShot Gabriel

Poses: arms-behind-01; A-01; stand-reverse-01; stand-right-01; jump-right-01; walk-left-01; arms-behind-right-01

EcoShot Ian

Poses: stand-01; stand-reverse-01; A-01; arms-behind-right-01; run-01; stand-left-01; stand-right-01; walk-left-01; walk-reverse-01; walk-right-01

EcoShot Jordan

Poses: stand-01; A-01; arms-behind-right-01; run-right-01; stand-left-02; stand-reverse-01; walk-reverse-01; walk-right-01

EcoShot Kate

Poses: A-01; arms-behind-01; stand-01; stand-reverse-01; stand-right-01; walk-left-01; walk-right-01

EcoShot Harry

Poses: A-01; arms-behind-01; stand-01; stand-reverse-01; stand-reverse-02

EcoShot Fernando

Poses: stand-01; A-01; walk-01; walk-right-01; walk-left-01; walk-reverse-01

EcoShot Polly

Poses: stand-01; stand-reverse-01; stand-reverse-02; walk-01

Once the EcoShot Intro plugin is downloaded, each of the models will be available in the software as an avatar with a corresponding undressed photograph (in underwear). Once the avatar has been dressed in a 3D garment, a Preview image of the dressed model can be generated using the menu option within the Plugin.

You can create and share as many Preview images as you wish. Please note that you are required to keep the EcoShot logo for attribution and observe the Acceptable Use Policy.


To start using EcoShot, follow the instructions in the Getting Started with EcoShot Intro section

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