Creating EcoShot Intro Preview Images

How to use EcoShot Intro to create instant preview images

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Previews are garment-on-model images you can create instantly on your computer using the EcoShot Intro plugin. Remember, we have upgraded your EcoShot Intro subscription with five free, high resolution EcoShot Images.

To create a Preview image:

  1. Choose your Model

Choose the model you wish to use select their avatar from the Avatar list in VStitcher

3D → Avatars → EcoShot ModelName

2. Select the Preview Available front-facing pose for the chosen model.

Note that the Preview Available poses for EcoShot Intro are:

EcoShot Anna - contrapposto-01

EcoShot Nina - stand-01

EcoShot May - contrapposto-01

EcoShot Aaron - walk-01

EcoShot Elliot - stand-01

EcoShot Gabriel - Arms-behind-01

EcoShot Kate: A-01

EcoShot Fernando: Stand-01

If you try to use an image that is not available for Preview, you will get a message prompting you to request an EcoShot image which is available only to users with the paid version of EcoShot.

All EcoShot model poses, including the Preview images for EcoShot Intro are shown in the Model Poses section of the Image Hub.

3. Start creating Previews!

Open one of your garments and prepare and dress the garments on the EcoShot avatar as normal.

The relevant options to create Previews can be found under the Plugin Menu:

  1. Plugins→EcoShot→Preview Outfit to view your garment with the local VRay Ray trace render. Checking how your garment looks in VRay first is important to make sure that displacement maps and seams are set correctly to produce a good quality image.

  2. Plugins→EcoShot→Preview EcoShot to create the Preview image. You can save the Preview on your computer.

Here is an example of what the Preview within VStitcher will look like:

The Preview image will first open in the VRay window. After a few seconds, a PNG image will open which can be saved by right-clicking the image and selecting the Save As option.

If you have purchased a Paid Package, you can Request an EcoShot to get a high resolution image with additional processing options (such as transparent backgrounds and shoes).

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