To request an EcoShot image in Intro, you can use one of your five free, hi-res EcoShot Image credits, or you must purchase a paid package.

Note, before requesting an EcoShot, we recommend using the EcoShot plugin to Preview Garment and Preview EcoShot (if available). This functionality is free of charge and enables you to optimise the look and styling of your outfit before requesting an EcoShot.

EcoShot Images are watermark-free, high-resolution images which combine the EcoShot model photograph with the 3D outfit you have created. The images are delivered at a resolution of 1365x2048 as standard and it is possible to request a higher image resolution for e-commerce purposes.

Once you are happy with the styling of the garments, please follow the steps below to request an EcoShot Image:

1: In VStitcher, go to Plugins β†’ EcoShot β†’ Request EcoShot...

  • This will open a new menu for requesting EcoShot images:

2: The variant drop down will show you different permutations available for that model pose. Choose the variation that you would like from the drop-down menu:

3: Check that the job information looks correct. You will see the variant, avatar, pose, garment and colorway that will be sent to Metail for processing.

4. Choose the Image Processing Profile you would like for this image. More information about creating these profiles can be found here.

5: Click on 'Request EcoShot' and the relevant files will be uploaded to Metail. You can close the window and the upload will continue in the background, or you can wait until upload is complete and you will see a message in the log to let you know it has completed uploading:

5: Metail will generate the EcoShot Image - please visit the Image Hub to view the progress of your images. Note that they will be visible under the PROCESSING tab.

6: You will receive an email once your EcoShot is complete. Please visit the Image Hub to download the EcoShot.

We normally expect to return EcoShot images to you within the next working day.

After the EcoShot image is returned, you can request additional photoshop retouching.

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