Once you have received your EcoShot image, you may find that there are additional aesthetic changes you would like to make to the image. Metail provide a service for this via the Image Hub.

Note that there are additional charges associated with these retouch requests.

You can request additional changes via the Image Hub. Please find the relevant image in the COMPLETED section, and then click the menu option to see the 'Request Retouch' menu.

Selecting this option will open a new dialog box:

This screen allows you to specify the advanced retouching you require to the EcoShot image. Note that you can also attach a file at this point. This is often the best way to provide specific details of what needs changed as you can annotate an image to highlight exactly what needs changed.

Once you have added a text description and uploaded any files, click SEND REQUEST which will submit the image for additional processing.

You will be able to see the Image in the Processing tab on the Image Hub

You will receive an email once the retouching is complete.

Please visit the Image Hub to download the retouched image.

Note also that you can request retouch again if you would like additional work or an alternative version of the image.

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