If you already use the free EcoShot Intro plugin, you do not need to repeat the installation process. However, you must log in with the same email address used by your Group Administrator inviting you to your paid-for EcoShot Images package account.

If you have previously had a free EcoShot product trial before April 2022, please delete the old plugin, avatars, and lights before you proceed.

To start using EcoShot:

Download Plugin

  1. Go to the Download Plugin section listed on the left-hand side of the page on the Image Hub.

  2. Click the Download Latest Version button to download the software to your computer.

3. Go to the Downloads folder on your computer and unzip the EcoShot Plugin zip file.

  • on Windows, right-click the ZIP file and select Extract All;

  • on macOS, double-click the ZIP file.

That will create a folder called EcoShot-<version-number>. Check that inside that folder you have:

  • a folder called assets - this contains the lighting and camera files;

  • a folder called MetailPreview - this contains the plugin.

  • In the VStitcher Menu Bar click: 3D Environment > Lights > Edit Lights

Edit Lights
  • Click on the hdr dropdown > Add new file…

Add New HDR
  • Find EcoShot Studio v1.hdr in the assets folder from the zip file

  • Click Open

  • Wait for HDR to load

  • Ensure the Exposure is set to 0 and the angle of rotation is also 0.

  • In the Menu Bar click: 3D Environment > 3D View > Edit / Add…

  • Click on the Blue dropdown button next to Current box

Camera Dropdown
  • Click on Import

  • Find EcoShot Camera.vcampos in the assets folder from the zip file

  • Click Open

Install Plugin

  • Open VStitcher, and go to Preferences (on Mac: VStitcher→Preferences; on Windows: Edit→Preferences)

  • Go to the Plugins tab and click the + button.

  • Select the MetailPreview folder on disk and click OK

  • Click on Plugin > EcoShot > Settings

Log into the Plugin using the same details you used to register your profile on the EcoShot Image Hub.

Once logged, your email and subscription details will appear on the next screen.

You are now ready to use the EcoShot!


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