EcoShot Express Images, delivered in less than 2 hours!

Want to get started?

EcoShot Express Poses make it possible to get hi-res images that are processed and delivered in the Image Hub in two hours or less. As a VStitcher user, you will be able to request EcoShot Images in the usual way, via the plugin and have the images completed, ready to view, and download via the Image Hub much quicker than the standard one-day turnaround time.

What makes the process quicker?

We have been improving our model avatars as well as the garment-on-model composition process. We now have specific models and poses where the processing is reduced whilst maintaining the quality we require as part of our standard process for all hi-res presentation-ready EcoShot Images. As more poses meet the quality standards, they will be signposted as suitable as "Express" in the Image Hub.

Which model poses are EcoShot Express poses?

In this beta release, the following models and poses can be used to request faster turnaround images:

EcoShot Aaron

Poses: arms-behind-01; walk-reverse-01

EcoShot Bea

Poses: contrapposto-01; contrapposto-reverse-01

EcoShot Carl

Poses: arm-behind-01; stand-reverse-01

EcoShot Cora

Poses: arm-behind-01; A-reverse-01; A-01

EcoShot Dahlia

Poses: arms-behind-01; stand-reverse-01

EcoShot Dario

Poses: A-01; stand-reverse-01

EcoShot Elliot

Poses: stand-01; stand-reverse-01

EcoShot Faye

Poses: A-01; stand-reverse-02

EcoShot Fernando

Poses: A-01; walk-reverse-01

EcoShot Gabriel

Poses: A-01; stand-reverse-01

EcoShot Harry

Poses: A-01; stand-reverse-01; stand-reverse-02

EcoShot Hope

Poses: stand-01; stand-reverse-01

EcoShot Ian

Poses: stand-01; A-01; stand-reverse-01

EcoShot Ivy

Poses: A-01; stand-reverse-01; stand-reverse-02

EcoShot Jordan

Poses: A-01; stand-reverse-01

EcoShot Lena

Poses: A-01; contrapposto-01; walk-reverse-01

EcoShot May

Poses: stand-reverse-01; A-01

EcoShot Nina

Poses: A-01; walk-reverse-01

EcoShot Olivia

Poses: A-01; walk-reverse-01

EcoShot Polly

Poses: arm-behind-01; A-reverse-01

EcoShot Queenie

Poses: stand-01; stand-reverse-01

(All images above have been created with EcoShot Express)

How can I start requesting EcoShot Images using Express Poses?

First, you need to download the latest version of the EcoShot plugin (v.3.0).

The plugin will work for both Express poses and poses that require the current standard processing time for EcoShot Images (1 working day).

Please follow the installation instructions shown here.

Important - you must use the latest avatars to get Express poses. Also, using the latest avatars means you can take advantage of other improvements, such as better dressability. To avoid confusion, please delete the old EcoShot avatars.

We still recommend using Preview Outfit/EcoShot (if available) before Requesting EcoShot images with Express capabilities, so that you can check your garments in the V-ray ray trace render. It is also important to allow the simulation to Finish dressing your garments in VStitcher without using Fast Mode or interrupting the dressing by clicking Finish early.

What are the new user features for EcoShot v.3.0 with Express Poses?

You will see a few new changes in this version:

In the Image Hub, you will notice that there are models with poses that have been highlighted with an orange border and accompanying "Express" captions. You can use the corresponding avatars and poses in the plugin for requesting EcoShot Images which will be processed in less than two hours. You can also view only Express Available models and poses by selecting Express Available in the Filters.

In the Plugin, you will now see…

If you select a model and pose that is not an Express one, this will be processed in the usual way and returned in one working day. You will receive email notifications when the images are ready.

What happens if I notice something that needs to be fixed?

For images processed using Express Poses, you can use the Report Issue feature (as well as Request Retouch) in the Completed tab of the Image Hub to request changes. To remind yourself of the steps of this process, see the Help Article here.

Where can I find the latest version of the EcoShot plugin (3.0) with Express Poses?

You can download the latest version of the plugin here.

How can I share my feedback with you?

We would like feedback from all our users to help us release more Express Poses and make any improvements that are needed. Please share your feedback with us via this short survey.

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