The EcoShot plug-in boasts a wide variety of shoe and hair variants for many of our models. To match our diverse range of models, we have provided an equally diverse range of shoe options. These options range from heels and sandals, to soccer shoes and trainers. We also have branded options including shoes from Puma, Reebok and Vans. Therefore, our valued customers are able to use our EcoShot models in a wide variety of contexts.

Customers can also choose different hairstyles for certain models. For example, with our popular activewear models, Gwen and Eve, you can choose ponytail options for their more dynamic poses.

To easily see the shoe variants for each model, you can use our handy filters on the Model Poses page. For instructions on how to operate these filters, see the video below and this Help Article.

For both variants, our team is continually updating and adding more options to our models and poses.

Please reach out to us via our Chat interface or at, if you want to receive a PDF detailing the shoe and hair variants for each model. Also, contact us if you have any requests for more/different shoe and hair versions for more models/poses.

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