We have made various updates to our User Interface in version 3.2 of the EcoShot Plugin!

You will see a change in the User Interface for the Request Images step and how these improvements can help you bring even more context to your 3D designs.

You can now see your 3D outfits on the model in the Request EcoShot user interface, allowing you style your EcoShot Model with hair and shoe variants more accurately than ever before!

If you’re already an EcoShot user, please delete the previous version of the plugin from VStitcher and download from this page.

To enable the preview of your outfit in Request EcoShot, you need to use either Preview EcoShot or Preview Outfit (use Preview Outfit if your pose is not Preview Available).

After these steps, you will now be able to see a preview of your 3D designs on your chosen EcoShot model when you Request EcoShot in VStitcher. As well as seeing your chosen hair and shoe variants, you can also see the Preview of your image in Request EcoShot with your outfit.

Batch Request Functionality

This preview within the pop-up window also works within our new functionality: Batch Request in the EcoShot plug-in. Batch request allows you to submit multiple Snapshots at the same time. These snapshots must be saved and named before using Batch Request. When using this function after using Preview EcoShot/Outfit on all the poses and outfits you have used in your VStitcher session, you will now be able to see them in this Batch Request pop-up window, alongside all the other variants including shoes and hair and the ability to remove any of these EcoShot Images from your Batch.

We hope with these updates, you can have even more confidence in your 3D designs on our EcoShot models before using your credits. Remember, you will need to download version 3.2 of the plug-in to use this functionality.

Click here for instructions on how to download and install the EcoShot plug-in.

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